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2020 was the inaugural year for the celebration of International Childbirth Education Week. It is meant to be a time for all people to celebrate the benefits of childbirth education, regardless of their professional affiliation or position. We would love to see this celebrated by childbirth educators, parents, hospitals, organizations, doulas, practitioners, and everyone who has a stake in the benefits of childbirth education.

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This year the theme is: Childbirth Education is for everybody! focusing on the benefits of childbirth education for families in the short and long term.

The goal of a theme is to have a quick way to talk about the subject and is not meant to be the only thing you say. Ideally, you’ll use your own words and stories about what childbirth education has meant to you or the families you serve.

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Sample Tweets

Please be aware that some of these tweets require you to change text or insert tags.

<insert your business name> loves childbirth education because <insert your reasons> #CBEProud

Find out why our childbirth educators are #CBEProud: <insert a blog post of your own to tout your work> 

A Childbirth Education Class can help you lower your risk of having an unnecessary #cesarean birth. What happens in class?

Are you thinking about becoming a childbirth educator? Let the folks at @PlumTreeBaby help you see what you’ll need to consider!

Wondering if you NEED #childbirthed if you already have a #doula? (HINT: You do. Here’s why: )


There are also images available to you as a certified birth and/or postpartum doula and a trainer. You will find different sizes for different platforms below. These are also just some of the things we will use during International Childbirth Education Week, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find more images to share! And we will be sharing your creations as well.